PVLABWIN (Phase Vocoder tool for sound analysis/resynthesis)

Paper about PVLAB (proceedings of XIV CIM)

HELIOX v. 1.2

Changes in 1.2:

- Added polyphony (16 voices max) - Warning: can be very CPU-consuming
- Added Volume knob - Warning: there's no limiter, so beware of clipping
- Added simple stereophony ("doubling" effect with 10 msec delay betweeen channels)
- Added 16 presets
- Changed knobs from circular to linear
- Changed envelope Decay and Release to exponential


(Heliox 1.2 screenshot)

HELIOX (VST synthesizer plugin)

Heliox is a rather simple experimental synthesizer, capable of "weird" textures and noises,
as well as "ordinary" sounds, like pads, leads and basses.

Main features are:

- monophonic, with 30 oscillators bank
- adjustable oscillators' frequencies, ranging from single frequency to harmonic and non-harmonic series
- oscillators can be purely sinusoidal, or "shaped" by an adjustable parameter
- adjustable attenuation factor between successive oscillators
- 30 LFOs , each modulating amplitude of corresponding oscillator
- adjustable LFOs' frequencies, similarly to oscillators
- LFOs can be purely sinusoidal ("bell-like") or "shaped" by 2 adjustable parameters: center and sharpness
- phase shift between successive LFOs is adjustable
- LFOs can be periodic or randomly intermittent, with adjustable "density"
- ADSR envelope


(Heliox screenshot)